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Mission Regional Medical Center uses ultrasounds to examine and diagnose a variety of medical conditions.

Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to look at organs and structures inside the body. Your doctor will use an ultrasound to view the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, liver and other organs. During pregnancy, doctors use ultrasound tests to examine the fetus. Diagnostic ultrasound is a safe procedure with no direct risks. Unlike x-rays, ultrasound does not use any radiation.

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During an ultrasound test, a special technician or doctor moves a device called a transducer over part of your body. The transducer sends out sound waves, which bounce off the tissues inside your body. The transducer also captures the waves that bounce back. Images are created from these sound waves.

During an ultrasound exam, you will lie on an examination table. A small amount of gel will be applied to your skin to help eliminate the formation of air pockets. The technician will move the transducer back and forth over the skin, capturing images as needed.

Your doctor may use an ultrasound to:

  • Assess a fetus
  • Diagnose gallbladder disease
  • Evaluate flow in blood vessels
  • Guide a needle for biopsy or tumor treatment
  • Further evaluate a breast lump
  • Check your thyroid gland
  • Study your heart
  • Diagnose some forms of infection
  • Diagnose some forms of cancer
  • Reveal abnormalities in the genitalia and prostate
  • Evaluate abnormalities of the muscles and tendons