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Patient Rehabilitation

The Patient Rehabilitation Center at Mission Regional Medical Center is here to help each patient regain many different types of functions from improved speech to walking and running to being able to dress themselves.

The type of therapy and goals may be different for different people. An older person who has had a stroke may simply want rehabilitation to be able to dress or bathe without help. Following an injury an athlete may go through physical rehabilitation to try to return to their former condition. And those who have been in an accident may need help correctly using an area of the body that may have been hurt.

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There are several types of patient rehabilitation services available at Mission Regional Medical Center including:

Physical Therapy

Our full-service physical therapy clinic works with patients to improve physical conditions following an accident, disease or other incident that changed how the patient’s body functions. They work with the patient to restore physical mobility and to decrease any pain the patient may be experiencing. Some of the types of patients we work with include those with neck or back pain, accident survivors, athletes, amputees and post-operative patients.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapist can help patients with either regaining speech functions after a stroke or accident that affected the area of the brain that controls speech. And they can help those who may have had a condition since birth (congenital condition) that affects the patient’s ability to speak correctly such as a cleft palate, stuttering or even cerebral palsy.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps people of any age participate in the things they want and need to do through the improved use of everyday activities. Common occupational therapy activities include helping people recover from injuries to regain skills that are needed for everyday living. This could include those who are accident survivors, those injured at work, stroke patients, etc.