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Digital X-Rays

The Definium 8000 from GE Healthcare is a digital radiography system that helps physicians clearly see injuries and abnormalities while confidently prescribing the best treatment. Digital X-rays are captured on the computer rather than on film, allowing physicians to enhance areas of interest and assist in better diagnostics.

This cutting-edge digital X-ray system allows us to take imaging to a new level of diagnostic power. Digital imaging technology includes new tools that help doctors save time and see the detail inside the body more clearly. One such tool is Auto Image Paste, which lets doctors take clear, seamless images of long bones, such as the legs and the spine.

For the patient, this technology provides a faster, more comfortable procedure that only takes seconds and does so without long exposure to radiation.

For more information regarding Digital X-Rays, call the Imaging Suite at Mission Regional Medical Center at 956-323-1400.

Digital X-Rays