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TSM picking up a full time coach next season

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TOO is godlike at being in the right places at the right times, even if his pressure is lax. Dyrus camped to hell, because if he doesn he makes plays (unless he on Kennen gg). Reginald seems to suffer from the a counter pick therefore I win syndrome that bronzies have, but when he on champs he actually knows he a monster. Xpecial is on par with EdWard and Krepo with knowledge and mechanics, and is super consistent throughout. WildTurtle, while inconsistent in his positioning, has the mechanics and knowledge to do extremely well with Xpecial.

However, both Xpecial and Reginald, the teams leaders, will go on tilt at times, and its obvious when it happens. When Xpecial tilts, WildTurtle has a harder time performing well. When Reginald tilts, TOO looks worse because his opportunity for solid ganks on mid diminish. Meanwhile, Campsite Dyrus has a large number of enemy tents pitched seemingly all the time, and the team spirit being down doesn help Dyrus at all, who can work through being camped, but not if his team is being quiet/moody. As such, this results in a team who will either perform amazingly well, or just throw so hard.

tl;dr there aren really any super inconsistent members of TSM individually, but it an emotionally driven team, it seems, and when they on tilt, they throw.

Regi is such a fantastic businessman, even at his young age. He has built TSM into a very profitable brand. It is his teams income. He earns good money.

Balance that with the fact he is a pretty average mid laner by LCS, and World standards. He is erroneous. He is known to flip on people who disagree with him. I feel TSM are really inhibited by Regi (Playing wise) so to me the best decision he can make for TSM to be anything more than the average team they are now is for Regi to become the Business manager only, hire a coach and select a new captain. Which I dont see him doing from the current squad, Dyrus makes a lot of mistakes and tilts very easily, TheOddOne has questionable decision making and tends to tunnel vision on one lane too often, and has pretty average mechanics, WildTurrtle has fantastic mechanics but doesn strike me as a "leader". The only viable option I see is Xpecial but I not sure how it would work.

Perhaps Regi has come to his senses and stepped down from the playing aspect, will take over the business side only, hire a new coach (already confirmed) and possibly get a new mid laner.

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